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Automation Solution S.r.l.

Automation Solution S.r.l. was born from a long experience in the industrial automation field with the intention of offering to its customers the maximum efficiency in the implementation of their projects by ensuring that are carried out in full respect of their schedule and requirements.

Automation Solution is made up of a team of specialists coming from different working experiences in various fields that allows offering the best and varied training in the use of the most advanced control systems.

Depending on the customer's needs and the type of project to be implemented, is then carefully evaluated and employed the technician that best suits the requirements, so that customers can be always satisfied with it.

During all phases of the project, Automation Solution supports and assists the customer with utmost professionalism, and during the realization, aim to reach the highest possible level of accuracy

Our Experience

Over the years, Automation Solution has gained in-depth knowledge and experience with the most important and popular control and supervision systems including: Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, B&R, ABB, Beckhoff, CitectScada, Inductive Automation Ignition...

Knows the main programming languages related to the world of automation, such as ladder diagram, structured text, instruction list, function block diagram, sequential function diagram.

Has acquired the knowledge for the development of customized IIoT solutions to allow integration with any production  management system (such as WMS, MES, ERP, etc.) and to create web-based interfaces, using the latest technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Python 3, NoSQL database...

Knows and uses the most common control and drive systems, including: Siemens Micromaster, Siemens Sinamics, Rockwell PowerFlex, Rockwell Kinetix, ABB ACS series, B&R Acopos Multi...

Knows the most common Fieldbus for data transmission and its protocols, including: Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, CAN bus, Ethercat, Powerlink...

It is also able to configure and implement SAFE systems, using the tools offered by their manufacturers, in order to achieve various levels of SIL, in accordance with the directives of various industrial sectors.

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